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The New Community Church of Union is an interdenominational community of caring, committed people, embracing diversity, and creating opportunities for friendship, faith, and service. We are anchored in God’s love through Jesus Christ, and seek to reflect that love in our worship, education, fellowship, and service. We believe that together we CAN make a difference!

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8:30am & 10:30am*
Union Fire Hall, 50 East Seattle Street, Union, WA (map) ...just until the new building goes up!

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fullsizerender-23 Our time to Build!

For 15 years the New Community Church of Union has enjoyed serving the greater Union Community, relying on external places for most of its activities. Our vision has always been of one day building a facility where worship, education, and fellowship can take place, but also where youth and seniors, civic clubs, and other public service events could find a home. Under the banners of “Anchored in God’s Love” and “All Are Welcome”, NCCU has been blessed to grow and build connections through its service. We believe that the time is NOW to turn dreams into reality by building a first stage facility on our property to meet those needs. 

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from Pastor Michael

Hello everyone,
I leave for India this week.  I will travel to Salt Lake 
on Thursday afternoon and stay the night there.  Then, Friday, I will arrive at the airport at 7 am for a 9 am flight to LAX.  From LAX, I fly to Hong Kong and then on to New Delhi from there.  I arrive in New Delhi at 11:50 pm 
local time on Sunday. It will be a very long time in getting there, so please pray for me as I have to actually sit for that length of time.  New Delhi time is 11 1/2 hours ahead of mountain time.  So, I will lose half a day as I travel that way.  Coming back, I get to live part of the day over again.
Please pray for safety, health, strength, and the ability to adjust well to the time change and the climate change.  According tot he weather forecast in New Delhi, it will be around 95 degrees when I arrive, so that might be a little hot!
 As far as accommodations go, we will be staying in a nicer hotel which has air conditioning so that will be nice.  I am not sure as to whether the place where we are teaching has air conditioning, but it does not sound like it does.  Also, the churches that we will be preaching in do not have air conditioning either.
There are 32 pastors who are signed up to come for the two weeks of teaching.  We will begin on Monday at 
8 am and finish every day at about 4 pm
.  After that, we will be preaching in churches in the evening.  There is no set schedule for this, so we will see how that all goes.
 The first week will concentrate on teaching principles of preaching. Saturday  will be a time of rest and sight seeing for us and then preaching in churches on Sunday.  The second week will be mostly practical work, wherein each pastor will have to preach 2 sermons showing their understanding of the principles taught.  So there will be a lot of listening and encouraging and helping.
I have been getting my things together and am close to having all that I think I need to take. 
Please pray for my ability to connect well with the pastors there and to be an encouragement and help to them.  Also, pray for my preaching while I am there.  I do not know how many times I will be preaching, but I want to be preaching not just to show "how it is done" but because God wants me to preach to make a difference in their lives.
I should be able to email you during the course of the two weeks in order to keep you updated.  Maybe even a picture or two!
Thank you for praying for me!!

 Executive Board News....

On March 5, 2017, there was a congregational meeting to vote for Dr. Michael Wedman to be offered the position of Senior Pastor for NCCU. The result of the vote was an enthusiastic yes for our Executive Board to move forward on behalf of the congregation to issue an official pastoral Letter of call. It is with pleasure and with full support from his wife Val, and their two daughters that Dr. Wedman has accepted our invitation!
AS YOU KNOW, There are still many details to be worked through as we move forward in this process. your NCCU Executive Board will keep everyone informed as we prayerfully move forward in this journey!
Respectfully submitted,
Christopher Clake