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The New Community Church of Union is an multi-denominational community of caring, committed people, embracing denominational diversity, and creating opportunities for friendship, faith, and service.
We are anchored in God’s love through Jesus Christ, and seek to reflect that love in our worship, education, fellowship, and service. We believe that together we CAN make a difference.


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Our Time to Celebrate!

Our church building has been completed!  Yes, we now have a new place to call home!  After many years of planning, praying, and relying upon God’s provision, we can now see and touch the reality of what was once only a hope.    

We are so very pleased to be able to enjoy the fruit of God’s faithfulness to us; a new building that we can call home.  And we are excited!  Excited to provide a presence in our community of God’s faithfulness and goodness.  Excited to continue to be part of this wonderful community as we share God’s love and compassion.  Excited to be able to participate in God’s plan and purpose for each one of us.

Though our location has changed, our purpose has not.  We exist to promote and proclaim Jesus Christ to all those around us.  It is our desire to provide connections with God through our events, ministries, and people so that all may come to be “anchored in God’s love.”  We would love to have you join us for any one of our activities.  Please know that you are welcome here.

Pastor Michael Wedman

Pastor Michael