March Prayer Focus

Pray for our young people!

Please pray for the youth of our church and community.

Pray that our youth group gains some traction in inviting

other youth to their Friday night activities and to the Sunday Services.
Pray for our Youth Group to grow in numbers and in maturity.
Please also pray for a few adults to help facilitate and guide our youth group. -Pastor Michael  

March- Women’s Fellowship

The Women’s Fellowship will gather on Saturday, March 10 | 10:00-11:30 am | at the NCCU  Worship Center |
For information on the NCCU Women’s Fellowship please contact:
Valerie Rees 360.898.2866 or Melanie Denison 360.463.6527

Music Showcase!

Music Showcase | Friday | April 13 | 6:30 pm-9:30 pm |

Show us your musical talent! Play an instrument, sing or both?
Let’s enjoy an informal night of music and fun!
We have karaoke tracks or we can play along with you. 
Bring your instrument, amplification and mics will be provided for you.
Contact Worship Team Leader, Dan Washburn for more information.
Dan Washburn: Cell:  360.440.6127 Email:

Church Building Update!

With the help of many hands, the 1,200 plus pound 12 x  6 foot Black Walnut Cross was installed in 8 hours.

Both sides of the church’s exterior stonework walls have been completed, each featuring an embedded stone cross.

The sound booth has been constructed with all of the new audio-video equipment now in place. The concrete floors are polished, and the comfortable new chairs have arrived. Just a few final details and we will be ready for our  first service on Sunday, February 11th! An official  “Open House”  is planned for Saturday, March 17th from 1 pm – 4 pm.  We thank God for His continued presence in our community and to all the people that helped bring this project to completion! -Your Building Committee

Brighter Days Ahead!

I love the fact that we are heading into February. I suppose I love it mostly because it means January is over and we are heading into lighter and brighter days. I know, not all days are brighter and lighter, and lots of moisture still falls, but the days are longer, and I just “feel” better. There is something uplifting about knowing we have passed through January, and it is all headed brighter from here!

That is kind of how we are to feel about our relationship with Christ. Proverbs 4:18; “The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day.” As we follow Jesus and walk with Him, He leads us in ever brighter ways, culminating in a gathering before the very brightness of God where we will celebrate and worship Him forever and ever.

Sometimes it doesn’t seem like Jesus is leading us in ever brighter ways, especially when we go through trials and troubles of various sorts. Suffering never seems very bright and sunny; it usually leaves us feeling dark and dreary. Yet, as Jesus showed us, suffering is part of the pathway to the glory and presence of God – the One who lives in unapproachable light! The One who is Himself light and the light of the world.

You may currently feel as if you are living in a spiritual “January”, but I want to encourage you to continue to walk; you will get through your January. Greater light and brightness is coming. The path of the righteous always leads to the light of the world. Your path will shine ever brighter. Keep going. The Son is shining upon you – It gets brighter!

Sincerely His,

Pastor Michael