November Message from Pastor Michael

 Every Tuesday I get the opportunity to take a look at what the quilters are working on for the day. And what always impresses me is how they can take the individual pieces of a quilt, arrange them in some sort of order and sew them together so that the finished quilt is far more impressive than any of the individual pieces. What an amazing transformation it is! Taking individual squares of material, which look decent on their own, and then sew them together so that they enhance the other squares and are themselves enhanced by the others!
It seems to me that this is not only true with quilts, it is true with churches as well. The church is made up of individual people, who, on their own, are pretty decent. That is to say, people have gifts, abilities, talents, and resources which are used toward the goal of some fairly decent accomplishments. We are pretty good on our own. But how much more impressive can our accomplishments be when our own mix of gifts and abilities are put together with the gifts and abilities of other individuals in the church?
As a church, God is at work “sewing” us together with others so that the end result is far more impressive than it could ever be if we remained as our own individual square. The apostle Paul puts it this way when he writes to the church in Corinth, “Now all of you together are Christ’s body, and each one of you is a separate and necessary part of it.” (1 Cor.12:27)
You see, we are separate people, but each one of us is necessary to complete the quilt. There is not one person who is not necessary to the well-being and functioning of our church.
God is the master quilter, arranging our individual pieces as He knows best and in such way that when the quilt is put together and held up for all to see, we will all be amazed and marvel at how much better we are together than apart. So, come, let’s continue to quilt together.
Sincerely His,
Pastor Michael